The Key to Happy Customers? Happy Employees

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Leave the customer with the impression of having been cared for and at every stage of the process. This will hopefully leave them with a memory of great customer service, even if their problem is one without a perfect solution. CustomersFirst Academy offerscomprehensive customer service trainingdesigned to help you grow your skills and advance your career. Sharing happy customer stories will make your customers feel appreciated and encourage them to buy more from you. Your company will thank you later on down the line when it comes time to make another sale with another happy customer who won’t stop praising how great your service was.

While you are staying in touch, it’s also recommended that you stay connected to the customer by asking for some feedback. Be polite, and ask for a Google Reviewor send them a customer feedback survey. Opening up the communication to being a two-way street shows that you care about your customer’s opinions and you want to keep making their experience better.

Create a strong onboarding experience.

A store guide then places the order, and the item is sent to the customer’s home from a warehouse. By creating this customer experience, Bonobos made a seamless transition across its shopping channels. Technological advancements are currently at an all-time high. This means that in their minds, many customers expect to see significant changes as often as possible. Changes can range from technological upgrades to innovative deals or store policies. Being innovative with the products and services you offer is a great way to discover what customers may appreciate.

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For example, many companies offer a point-based program that gives customers points every time they make a purchase. After they earn a certain amount of points, customers receive a free product or discount. Since the points can only be redeemed at your business, this incentivizes customers to return to your company and makes competitors appear less appealing. Only Bath and Body Works wallflower fragrances will work in the corresponding plug-in and that’s not by accident. AirWick, Glade, and other fragrance plug-ins are designed this way, too.

How to Make Your Customers Happy to Be With You

Brand interaction can be calculated by using an app that surveys your customer’s happiness. Here are some of the well known customer happiness software and apps. Communities are 13% more likely to have an impact on customer experience. Balance your support with both live chat and chatbot to deliver a better conversational experience. With bots as the primary contact, you can answer simple queries and transfer the complex chats to the support agents for effective handling. The bot promptly answers queries and boosts customer satisfaction.

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And, a lot of that comes down to respecting your customers, their time, and their money. It makes customers happy to give their money to a business that gives back and cares. In fact, over 80% of customers say it’s important to them that a business supports charitable causes. Social media is a great place for you to engage with your audience and make them smile. Today’s consumers have higher expectations than ever before.

ways to inspire customer happiness

A customer retention program is a specific initiative designed to encourage customer loyalty. Customer retention programs can be company-led, such as instituting a customer onboarding process, or customer-led, such as downloading and using a mobile app to make purchases. If you’re a small to mid-sized business , your support team may only consist of a few people.

  • When a customer feels appreciated, they’re more likely to remain loyal—and happy.
  • For instance, send thank-you cards or treats on special occasions or offer discounts to commemorate long-term usage or membership.
  • Your design should also ensure that it stands by your brand’s voice and persona.
  • In fact, 86% of people are willing to pay more for a great customer experience.
  • It’s unusual for a commodity-based organization to implement a subscription service into its business model.

Share the situation and your concerns, along with any steps you’re taking to resolve the issue. Analyze your customer interactions to understand their needs and concerns more readily. Use the tools at your disposal to create as personal and excellent an experience as you can. Customers want to interact with human beings who are warm, friendly, and helpful. In every aspect of your company — from email marketing to your help desk — approach people like you would approach neighbors .


Not responding is not only poor form, but also very harmful to your brand’s image, in the short and long run. Today’s customers have more information — and power — at their disposal, and marketers must rise to meet their expectations for a better buying experience. While this should have been the first winning strategy, we’ve saved it for last as a reminder.

Rent the Runway – a designer dress and accessory rentals business – sends back-up sizes just in case the items you ordered do not fit. Market share, and, eventually, that will put you out of business. Venmo pulled ahead of PayPal and ultimately it paid off – PayPal later purchased Venmo, and combined they dominate the online payment market. People expect brands to know what they want and assist them in getting it.

Which means lifelong repeat purchases and sustainable revenue over time. On the other hand unhappy employees can negatively impact the productivity, turnover, and overall efficiency of the business, which, in turn, has a knock-on effect on the customers. So, if your business is customer-centric, invest in your employees first. A happy customer is defined as the one who is a repeat customer to your business.

The value that you offer your customers should influence customer interactions, pricing, and even physical layouts of your stores. By doing this, you avoid adopting a mechanical approach to every other aspect of your business apart from your customer service. As another example, No one knew that they needed ride-sharing apps until Uber arrived. Your organization should also try to create new experiences for your customers. Happy customers are delighted because of the customer service they receive and the quality of your products.

customer retention strategies

average collection period formula promotion on social media has long been part of marketing teams’ tasks, but the channel is also frequently used to dispense customer support. Knowing how to deal with customers on social media is crucial, yet it can be intimidating to suddenly find oneself in a customer-facing position. Learn from past happy customers’ experiences so future ones will share similar excitement about working with you! A proactive customer service system means that you anticipate what your client needs before they ask for it. Instead, address things as soon as possible to prevent unhappy customers from reaching out. This can be done by being honest and transparent with your customer base.


You can also feature your customers by sharing user-generated content, which is content they first share on their social sites that you can reshare to your business’s pages. This works great when customers tag your business on social media. Over 60% of people expect brands to deliver personalized experiences based on their preferences. While you may not be able to scale this for every customer, you can get a jump start by personalizing your marketing. Creating a happy customer in this way also created more loyalty to the business. Omnichannel retailing is a customer experience strategy that lets customers interact with a brand on the channels of their choice and enjoy connected, personalized experiences.

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This is one of my favorite examples of personalized marketing. DSW sent me an email with my weather forecast and shoe suggestions based on that weather (with links to products to buy from them, of course!). Want to make a good impression and make a new customer happy?

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