Keep an active brain!

Active Brain is an app that uses fun games to exercise skills such as memory, reasoning, attention and contributes to mental health.

Why should I choose the Active Brain app?

Fun Games

You will have access to games that exercise memory, attention, logical
reasoning, speed thinking and body awareness.

Studies and Science

Based on scientific research and created by a multidisciplinary team
formed by health, gaming and technology professionals.

Day-to-day Connection

The exercises use everyday elements to stimulate cognitive functions and
cooperate to improve life quality.

“Great to activate our memory.”


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“In my opinion, it’s the only app that cares about people and their memory. Wonderful!”


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“Essential for sensory practicing, it benefits the memory and attention
of our dear elderly people. It’s an excellent addition to regular physical activity!”


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Train your brain with playful games

Download the app to keep your brain active, track your progress and more!